Adding a Custom Column in the Admin Grid in Magento 1.9

One of the best things about working in magento is that if you are comfortable with an object oriented style, you start seeing patterns everywhere. If a new functionality calls for it, you can add a child class and with a little bit of magento-xml-config-magic, you can add virtually (well, concretely) anything new by replacing the existing class. Recently, one of the interesting things one of our clients asked us to do was to add an extra column in the orders grid in the magento admin.

Magento 2: Add Categories Column to Product Grid in Admin and Make it Filterable

Now we have successfully added “Categories” column to product grid and also this column is filterable. In this article we will add a custom column to product grid. We will also add a filter for this column. For the sake of this article, we will add a “Categories” column to product grid. That will show which categories the product belongs to, but you can add any column you want. You just need to populate the column with relevant data.

Product Review Images for Magento 2 – Magento Extension

The Product Review Images for Magento 2 extension has been developed by the product team at RLTSquare. This extension will allow your customers to upload images within default product reviews for the products they buy and can also show the unique ways they are using your products in real life. So, why not let your customers take an active part in your online eCommerce business and eventually get benefit from it