Auto Invoice & Shipment extension for Magento 2 has been developed by the product team at RLTSquare. Store owners used to spend a lot of time generating the invoice and shipment in your store. This extension helps in reducing the time and manual labor required in generating the invoice and the shipment in your store. It also generates shipment receipts and an email notification to the customers. It makes the whole process of managing orders and contacting customers easier and efficient.

If the extension is enabled in the back-end and a user places an order, it automatically creates the configured status. This extension will automate the whole invoicing and shipment process. It will help in accelerating the order processing. It will increase customer satisfaction by offering quick confirmation of their payments which result in a better user experience and builds trust among the customers. This increased trust will make your customers more loyal to your store and end up increasing the conversion rates.


  • Enable/Disable the extension
  • Enable/Disable automatic invoice generation
  • Enable/Disable Shipment generation
  • Enable/Disable invoice emails
  • Enable/Disable shipment emails
  • Create and send an invoice email automatically after the customer places an order
  • Create and send shipment email automatically after the customer places an order
  • Allow Admins to select any/all payment methods


RLTSquare team assures to provide you all the support you require with fast responses for this extension. Moreover, we will also customize this extension for you to suit your specific needs. For support, contact us at <support@rltsquare.com>