Save For Later extension for Magento 2 has been developed by the product team at RLTSquare. An optimized shopping experience is the key to increase the conversion rates of your store. This extension enables you to display a “Save For Later” option in the Checkout Cart page. When you add the product to the Save For Later, it gets removed from the shopping cart. This extension allows your customers to save the products they are interested in, so they can place the order later.

The items are saved in the “Save for Later” tab in the Customer Dashboard left side panel which makes it easier to find them again. With the retrieve to cart option, it takes the items directly to the Checkout page. The customers can easily view or remove the products. The customers can avail this feature only after signing up on your store. This extension allows your registered (logged in) users to view the Save For Later products. The admin can also disable the Save For Later option from the store configuration.

Hence, it makes the whole shopping experience more optimized and customer-friendly.


  • Allows customers to save the products of their choice.
  • Allows customers to view the saved product on their profile and they can directly view the product information by clicking the Save For Later tab in Customer dashboard.
  • Works for all kind of products, i.e virtual, simple, configurable, bundle, group and downloadable.
  • Enable/disable the “Save For Later” key for products.
  • When disabled the grid and the Save For Later tab in the customer dashboard vanishes.
  • Visible on Checkout Cart page and customer dashboard.
  • Save For Later is only for registered (logged in) users.
  • Increase the leads because it encourages the customers to sign up.


RLTSquare team assures to provide you all the support you require with fast responses for this extension. Moreover, we will also customize this extension for you to suit your specific needs. For support, contact us at <support@rltsquare.com>