Phase 1: Project Requirements Analysis

Projects requirements analysis is one of the most important steps of Magento web development. This step involves:

  • Planning of workflow
  • Management of time
  • Requirements analysis
This is an important step because it helps to set up the defined goals and purpose of Magento website development. This step requires the most active interaction of clients with the Magento Development Agency. A team of project managers and Magento consultants carry out some research of your business, your website (if you have a current one), and finally prepare a list of questions. This list helps the team to learn more about the details necessary for the web development project.

Project Requirements Analysis

Client Communication

Phase 2: Client Communication Process

We begin by creating a new Magento project on our management system. Since we have international clients from all over the globe, we rely on following communication platforms to bridge the geography:

  • Skype for initial communication
  • Email for updating client
  • Phone calls for urgent communication
  • Slack for project status discussion
  • Trello for dividing projects into partial deliverables
  • Hubstaff for time tracking on projects

Client Communication

Phase 3: Project Implementation

Our project managers work through each step of the way with the certified Magento developers and clients to provide the best results on a weekly basis. Once they collect the required details of the project, they forward it to the expert Magento developers who work on:

1. Design
Depending on the requirements, specification, wireframes, and design provided by the Magento consultants, our web designers create two copies of the design. This goes down to our clients who review them and provide any revisions to complete the home page of their preference. Once our clients approve the design of the website, our designers start work on the subpages.

2. Bringing Design to Life
A JavaScript coder converts the design to HTML code, which is compatible with the web browser and has to meet W3C standards. HTML coder also does integration, and depends on the system for development of the project.

3. Development
During the development stage of the website, the Magento Certified developers work on the development of the core of the website. We also customize already available themes like Porto, Ultimo, Luma etc to meet the client’s requirements. At RLTSquare, we are proud to have quality, high-load development projects and a pool of best Magento developers that help us to expand our experience and knowledge base.

4. Quality Assurance
Once the project reaches the completion stage, we must check the system to see if it works according to the quality standards. If the need arises, we also engage in bug fixes and tweaks. Depending on the project, we perform automated or manual testing using software to check the performance and load.

5. SEO and Performance Optimization
Before launch, every project requires performance optimization and filling with relevant information. Our standard package lists basic free SEO along with 12 operations from adding Meta details to index the website to search engines.

6. Project Launch Once we complete the project, we move on to the final stage that involves the project to go live. From the test location, we move the project to the production server where it undergoes final testing because live servers can have different settings.

Content Development and Marketing

Phase 4: Promotion of Project

Promoting your project both offline and online is an ongoing process to attract an audience to your site.

1. Social Media Integration
The need to rely on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is important to market your website. We integrate these into your website to act as a central hub for marketing.

2. Content Development and Marketing
A crucial and integral part of any digital marketing campaign is evergreen content. We provide content development and marketing services such as writing, planning, keyword analysis, and editing to ensure your website goes up in rank.

Content Development and Marketing

Website Maintenance

Phase 5: Website Maintenance

Another crucial service that we provide to our clients is maintenance of website. We provide this service to all existing and clients who visit us for their website development needs. Our website maintenance service also includes:

  • Content updates for your website
  • Splash or landing page design
  • Plan analysis for hosting
  • Website audits
    • SEO audits
    • 508 compliance audits
    • Usability audits