Magento 1.x To Magento 2.x Migration


Are you considering updating your Magento 1 website to Magento 2? If so, then why? Despite the fact that the Magento 1 variant was suitable for merchant’s needs, Magento 2 is packed with much more. The first reason is the enhanced performance, as the Magento latest version on average is 20% quicker than the older Magento 1. It assists in improving SEO services to increase traffic and boost conversions. Moreover, due to the full-page caching, majority of pages now load in just 1 to 2 seconds. In addition, it is also developed to manage different catalog pages, which makes it scalable for larger online eCommerce websites. Here are We, at RLTSquare, will help you migrate your online business website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 so you have all the latest features at your disposal to survive in the competitive eCommerce industry


Magento Performance Optimization


Magento is a platform, which provides flexibility, scalability, durability and security which makes it a prime choice for eCommerce merchants. However, what if there is a customer waiting to complete a purchase on the checkout page but it loads extremely slow? Have you ever thought the effect it will have on your store’s bounce rate, conversion rate, profitability and eventually the customer’s experience?
The speed of your Magento website is imperative to prevent any of the above scenarios and to keep your customers content. Optimizing page load speed is a vital part of SEO and has a massive impact on user experience.
According to research results from the past few years, an individual on a desktop PC or laptop will wait 5 or a max 8 seconds for a page to load, but the same time on mobile is just 2 to 3 seconds! If the load time of your online eCommerce website is above or about these values, you can be certain that your online business has lost plenty of sales. We, at RLTSquare, will help you make your online business website lightning fast so you never have to worry about losing potential customers again.


Magento Consulting


Sometimes, you just need some expert guidance that will assist you in finding a Magento solution for your website. We, at RLTSquare, do just that and have a group of professionals liaison with you to prepare a strong and appealing Magento solution for your business website. Our Magento Consultants will assist you in maximizing your Magento Website performance and hence increase your chances to reach the next level. We help you to enhance your customers’ shopping experience and add value to your online presence. Hire Magento Developers today!

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