Nutrivivo is the number 1 personal online supplement dispensary for practitioners. This platform will totally revolutionize the health and nutrition sector.

It has the potential to become a multi-million dollar platform with right marketing strategy. It is already growing exponentially. If the numbers keep growing at the same rate, it will be a market leader in no time. Nutrivivo has automated the practice revenue. It automated the whole process from getting yourself checked to buying the prescribed medicine. Nutrivivo streamlined the provider-to-patient recommendation process. It helped avoid the inventory headaches, improved patient health outcomes and offers patients one-stop shop.

Client: Nutrivivo

Platform: Magento 1


Nutrivivo was a complex, complicated and a totally different solution which innovated the whole supplement recommendation process. It required a unique solution to a unique problem. The client knew if the solution was not implemented perfectly, it would become a huge bottleneck in terms of success and growth. It was a health care platform so we had to keep things like HIPPA compliancy in mind too. The store needed a platform with greater flexibility and one which would provide the necessary scalability for future expansion into new markets. The client was well aware of Magento’s dominance in these two areas plus the platform’s ability to integrate multiple systems.


RLTSquare delivered a responsive and easy-to-navigate webshop with the desired scalability in place for future expansion. We shifted the client’s digital strategy by creating dual discovery paths, offering both practitioners and patients functional and helpful discovery funnels. These new site discovery channels for current and prospective patients include functionality such as filters based on health concerns to accommodate the full spectrum of browsers and, ultimately, promote conversions and revenue. To ensure HIPPA compliancy, we used a tool called Formstack. To integrate different APIs we used a tool called Zapier. To make the whole webshop HIPPA compliant, we used AWS because Amazon supports HIPPA compliance. Stripe was considered first for payment gateway integration but it did not offer subscription option. So, we made a customized subscription model so that if the card is rejected more than 5 times, it stops issuing the supplements until all the previous payments have been made. To make the whole process seamless, search should be responsive and fast. We used Hotjar in conjunction with Google Analytics to not only get the idea about the visitors but also how they are using the pages. It helped us understand the behavior of the visitors on our site which eventually helped us making small changes that had a big impact. Klaviyo was used to create custom events and automation workflows for the site. We shifted to Drip after a while because it was HIPPA compliant. Chartmogul was used for cohort analysis, subscriptions and revenue reporting. For automated customer support, we used for two-way sms, emails and calls through APIs. We chose because it had Twilio and Intercom’s features both. We also implemented Agile CRM for basic reports of marketing, sales and services.