911 Custom – Police Equipment – A Case Study

911 Custom – Police Equipment – A Case Study

The case for 911 Custom was a rather interesting one. Firstly, the client, Jarod, was ‘super cool’ as he dealt with selling police equipment, sirens, weapons and ammunition to law enforcing agencies. Pretty cool, right?
Secondly, this was our first project secured from one of our newest sales channels and the one who referred Jarod to us had high expectations from us as his previous developers had left him stranded in between and he could not launch his 911Custom store, something which was beginning to feel like a dream now.


The Challenges

We took on this challenging project which basically involved his 911Custom store in OpenCart to be migrated to Magento 2. And not only that, Jarod wanted to completely revamp the design since his previous layout in OpenCart was messy and not helping with conversions. In short, he was basically looking for a complete solution for his store in Magento 2 in terms of design, user experience and performance optimization.

Moreover, the biggest challenge of this project was the sheer size of the product import that required to be fetched from Kroll. Jarod required us to fetch over 0.25 million products automatically from Kroll. What made this more challenging was the number of custom attributes which were in excess of 150.

In addition, his previous developers had left no stone unturned in making this project difficult as they followed crappy code practices and had messed up the db to a fair extent much to our concern. No wonder, they left Jarod ‘high and dry’ because everything needed to be revamped from scratch.


In comes, RLTSquare…

These were the circumstances in which we found Jarod and (as always) we were ready to pitch in and meet the expectations of the client. We assigned two developers to this project, one backend and one frontend crusader and together they made a formidable team and within a few weeks changed the entire outlook of the 911Custom store.

In the process, we have faced quite some issues like for example: reindexing 0.25 million products for them to appear on the front-end proved to be challenging but with the right logic, we managed to pull this through and exceeded the clients’ expectations.

We also revamped the design of the site and made a user-friendly interface with extensions like one-step checkout to smooth the purchasing process. We, basically, started with Ultimo theme and worked with the client day and night to paint the image in his mind on Magento’s canvas and created the finished product.

During the project, we faced issues with Require.js which basically was causing trouble with the loading of images on pages throughout the 911Custom site. With a couple of sleepless nights, we were able to resolve this and with that, we were closer than ever to making Jarod’s dream come store come to life.

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