AJAX Shopping Cart Update

AJAX Shopping Cart Update


AJAX Shopping Cart Update is built to update the quantity of your customer’s order seamlessly. You can see total price adjustments on the shopping cart page instantly. There are no needless page reloads. There are buttons to increase or decrease the quantity of items on your cart. It is a much simpler approach for updating the products on your cart. Customers don’t have to manually enter the quantity in the cart, if they don’t want to. They don’t have to click ‘Update to Cart’ button every time they add, remove or delete products. This makes the whole process intuitive and flawless. It also helps in decreasing the cart abandonment rate. The fact that customers feel the checkout process is easier, intuitive and faster builds trust in your customers which results in increase in ROI.

The AJAX Shopping Cart extension is guaranteed to improve effective engagement with your customers. It makes it more appealing and user friendly which greatly enhances the customer experience.


  • AJAX-based technology to let customers update quantity of the products to the cart
  • Automatically updates the price without having to reload the page
  • Buttons to increase and decrease the quantity of items
  • AJAX call to cart, summary and mini-cart to automatically update the price
  • Updates the cart in real-time.
  • User-friendly and seamless way to update cart


RLTSquare team assures to provide you all the support you require with fast responses for this extension. Moreover, we will also customize this extension for you to suit your specific needs. For support, contact us at <support@rltsquare.com>

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