BIKE Project – Quintanaro

BIKE Project – Quintanaro

This project begins like most others where the clients are left stranded by their ‘ex-developers’ and are unable to decide the future course of the project.


Natalie and Brian found us directly after they saw our feedback by one of our clients (Chirs Jenkins of Dr.Nutrient)  on Facebook. They saw a genuine feedback by Chris and our esteemed reputation in his eyes led us to the folks at Quintanaro. One day, out of nowhere, we received a distressed call from Brian who we could tell from his voice was in a panic situation. He explained to us the requirements of the project and how he was deserted by his recent developers and naturally we offered to resolve the situation.

Enter RLTSquare…

So, we had our first video Skype call with a brooding Natalie and a worried Brian. They were scheduled for launch in a month and their online professional bike store looked no where near to completion. Moving on, we carefully constructed the scope of the project but they had the budget constraints of only 150 hours. So, this was a challenge in the sense that we had to allocate our time efficiently while meeting the scope of the project.
We assigned a single Magento developer on this project, as part of our effective resource allocation strategy. To Natalie’s surprise, we were able to meet the scope set for the project in JUST 80 hours (half of what they agreed on).
Quintanaro’s team was jubilant as they had an additional 70 hours left which were used for additional scope and bringing the site to sheer perfection.

Some of the tasks that we performed throughout the course of this project:

  • Complete Theme Design
  • Product Import
  • Custom Options
  • Bread Integration
  • Warranty Form
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