Facing Problems With Upgrading to Magento 2.2.4?

Facing Problems With Upgrading to Magento 2.2.4?

Magento has recently released it’s newest version of Magento 2.2.4. Now, most of you would have tried to upgrade but have found that they are facing problems in upgrading to Magento 2.2.4 with errors like; the area is already set or sometimes the MySQL server has gone away. Here is an example below of one such error when developers are attempting to save the theme setting.

Magento is empowering merchants to create exceptional shopping experiences with its latest release of Magento Commerce (2.2.4). Available today, this new release includes tools designed to reduce cart abandonment and increase average order value, while also simplifying operations. Let us look at what Magento 2.2.4 has in store for those whose who choose to upgrade to the latest Magento version.

Significant new bundled extensions that add instant and accurate tax and shipping calculations right from the cart:

  • 1. Amazon Pay provides a trusted, familiar way for customers to check in and check out.
  • 2. Vertex simplifies and automates the complexity of calculating sales tax.
  • 3. Klarna Payments is a new payment method. With Klarna Payments, merchants can provide customers with the option to pay now, pay later, or pay by instalment for their purchases.
  • 4. Fixes and enhancements to core features, including performance improvements that enable faster shopping with image loading and search performance enhancements.
  • 5. Streamlined fulfilment with access to carriers, rates, and returns processing right from the Magento Admin with Magento Shipping
  • 6. Optimized performance delivering faster image loading and search results, plus over 300 product quality enhancements

There is a detailed list of enhancements which you can view on Magento’s release notes for 2.2.4. As for the issues that you’re facing while upgrading to Magento 2.2.4, you can contact us by booking a meeting using the button below or simply write to idrees@rltsquare.com or info@rltsquare.com.

We would love to get in touch and solve the Magento 2.2.4 upgrade issues for you.

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