J. Brand Launches Online Stores (Powered By Magento) Worldwide – RLTSquare

J. Brand Launches Online Stores (Powered By Magento) Worldwide – RLTSquare

J. (by Junaid Jamshed) is rated as one of the top clothing brands in Pakistan. In January 2018, they planned to make the online shopping available for all their customers worldwide outside Pakistan. As a leading Magento Agency in Pakistan, we believe in servicing local industry as well and for that purpose, we collaborated with a renowned service provider, Tkxel, to take on J. as one of our joint clients.

Main Problem – Single Magento Store

The J. management approached us with a problem that they were facing owing to having a single Magento online store website. Basically, they were having difficulties with international orders for example: calculating shipping rates, tax calculation, integrating payment methods and catalogue management. This was not the end of their misery. The merchant was also finding it hard to manage operational tasks from a single Magento store. With this challenge laid down in front of us, we assigned our senior-most developer to solving this for J.


Solution – Creating a Multistore

For the challenges faced by J. brand in Magento, we proposed to set up a multistore site in the same Magento instance. However, this solution came with its fair share of challenges.
Firstly, it was a huge task to move a running site with average 1000 online customers to a multistore Magento website. This was necessary to enable customers from USA, UK, Australia and Canada to shop easily in their local currency, show them fashion (catalogue), separate shipping gateway and payment methods. This was indeed an issue when J. was running only a single Magento website, but with a multi-store Magento website, we were able to change currencies and integrate the respective stores with local shipping gateways and payment methods.

What this further resulted in was that it became easier for J. to launch different sale and brand campaigns according to the geolocation of the store and that too from a single Magento dashboard.


Tasks Performed For J. Magento Store

The tasks that we performed for the above-mentioned solution included the following:

Here is the brief list of tasks:

  • We set up multi-stores, managed content, wrote shipping rate modules and integrated with local payment methods
  • We implemented table rates to calculate shipping rates for different countries
  • Added cities in checkout address forms for multiple countries
  • We also created a tool to implement ready-to-import catalogue CSV file in Magento 2
  • Integrated extensions like Inventory Tracking, Taxjar, Order Export, Store Credit and Store Locator.
  • Created a module for implementing TCS Courier Service for local shipments
  • Created a module to restrict fragile products for local shipments only.

With tireless efforts and endless nighters, we were able to launch J. online store worldwide and are currently providing on-going maintenance.

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