Meet & Greet Magento 2022 – RLTSquare

Meet & Greet Magento 2022 – RLTSquare

Meet & Greet Magento, one of the best events at the start of the year for RLTSquare and local Magento Developers. Over 40+ developers attended the event physically and online as well, as it was a chance for them to talk about Magento with other developers for the first time. As Magento is considered to be difficult and expensive, RLTSquare understands the needs of this industry and is a one-stop Magento development shop for all e-commerce solutions. This event took place in the main office of RLTSquare on 7th January 2022.

Why “Meet & Greet” on Magento?

The main aim of the event was to build a developers’ community where they would be able to share their Magento-based knowledge. The developers from different companies and backgrounds interacted with each other to discuss the issues related to this platform.

There was a panel discussion and sharing of knowledge to come up with an easy solution faced by the majority of local Magento developers. RLTSquare aims to arrange more events like this in the future for better opportunities and training facilities for people passionate about Magento.

The Marketplace would be much bigger this year. By having an idea of the Magento and its future, developers really wanted to discuss the same rather than waking up and thinking that “Oh Magento is not my bread & butter”. RLTSquare took the initiative being the pioneers in Magento development in Pakistan and wanted the upcoming developers to rethink and stand up for Magento, rather than move to some other platforms without proper reasoning.
Greet the New and Confused.

Magento is Difficult to Handle!

There has always been a misconception when it comes to the development of Magento and many think of it as a difficult and expensive platform. So this meet-up was very important for those who wanted to know more about Magento and its coding practices.
Especially for the new developers and fresh graduates who are interested and passionate about Adobe commerce (Magento). Also to give confidence to junior developers to come up and learn this platform.

Why Magento.

In the current age where e-commerce is expanding like fire, many different e-commerce platforms are available such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. Magento website can be considered the most popular e-commerce platform, almost 115,284 worldwide are powered by the Magento website. It is the most effective eCommerce platform and provides the best advantages. This platform leads to an increase in sales and profit of the eCommerce online store by driving high customer traffic to the website.
Be more Social

RLTSquare aims to be more social and active with the local developers and interact with them through Instagram (@rltsquare) and LinkedIn (@RLTsquare). Being active on social media platforms would be a great way to share your expertise and get noticed. So follow the profiles mentioned, and share them with developers to make a greater Magento community in Pakistan.

Nothing Official.

The developers were there for free talk and sharing of experiences. They attended the event despite heavy rainfall in Lahore and experienced a sense of equality among other developers. The event has this basic aim, where they needed to share both the negative and positive points related to Magento.

Hi, Magento Developers

RLTSquare team members welcomed the participants to the session. Despite the rain, many developers showed up and got more excited to receive the goodie bags of RLTSquare. Registration was also conducted to know more about the backgrounds of developers and the experience they have in Magento. The data was also collected to know the interest and future perspectives. Developers interacted with each other and discussed their experiences before the start of the event.

Magento: Let’s talk more about it!

RLTSquares’ CEO Mr. Idrees Butt gave the opening speech to the audience and explained how he started his career and formed a Magento-based agency. He explained his passion and also praised the team members of RLTSquare, who worked tirelessly for making this company the “Adobe Solution Partners”

The founder also mentioned that he attended many other Magento meetups in other countries but never in Pakistan. He wished to have more of these events in the future as well.
“Apart from the technology we need to discuss ethics as well. Also, our youth needs to realize the importance of Magento”, said Hafiz Muhammad Idrees Butt, Founder, and CEO at RLTSquare.

Idrees continued: “…I believe quality is everything, as in business, quality brings more clients and retains them too”.

” We need to show unity in order to showcase ourselves to the world so that we could be able to arrange events like Magento Imagine in Pakistan”, said Umair Zaman, Founder, and CEO at E-Sparks.

Umair continued: “…I appreciate this event because there are so many Magento projects but very few experienced Magento developers to take it up in Pakistan”.


Few of the guest developers contributed as speakers and gave some important suggestions related to Magento and new technologies.
“Pakistan has very few product-based companies, so we should always give importance and create awareness in this regard.”
“Young developers should be encouraged to adopt Magento development as their carrier.”

How much do you know about Magento?

There was a question-answer session as well with the experts’ panel. The developers were requested to answer the questions/queries related to coding standards and issues they usually face during the development process. They shared their experiences and gave answers on how to follow some procedures in order to avoid the issues
Q1: What challenges do we face in debugging and coding?
Dev 1: First use the debugger in PHP, then check logs, and if the issue persists, go to local. However, you still should know how to use the internet, because you’ll get the results and answers.
Dev 2: Try to resolve the issue at local, if the issue is still there then see the event at which the bug triggered.
Dev 3: Replicate the same at local, then see its nature (Frontend or Backend)
Dev 4: We face issues on daily basis, so in my opinion, we all should try to be up to date with the platform.
Q2: By using extensions, the speed of websites becomes slow. How to identify?
Dev: Performance issue is usually because plugins use lengthy JS code. You should always prefer custom implementation. So for performance optimization in the backend, use Magento utility is known as a profiler.
Q3: We usually say do not customize checkout, what is your opinion?
Dev: We can customize checkout, but the best practice is not to touch the JS code because if the new version of Magento, we have to perform the checkout test again. If you want the customization, be sure not to disturb the rendering sequence.

Many more to come….Meet & Greet Magento!

RLTSquare aims to continue with this trend and arrange more events like this in the future as well. Magento is one of the best platforms and developers in Pakistan should make more efforts to create a Magento community, as we need merchants to go for quality rather than quantity.

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