Meet Magento 2022 New York City & Hyva Talk

Meet Magento 2022 New York City & Hyva Talk

With an aggressive focus on vitalizing eCommerce, Adobe community brought its internationally renowned program organized at the heart of New York City, ‘Meet Magento’ - the event took place in-person for the first time in 3 years due to the pandemic and this time with huge crowds and everyone full of enthusiasm!


 As a leading eCommerce conference, experts from the Adobe ecosystem (developers, agencies, and technology partners) joined this conference to share experiences, knowledge, and best practices for everyone. Honored speakers shared information and discussed how Magento helps disrupt the eCommerce industry, innovations, and curated insights for businesses to achieve growth.


A huge shoutout to event sponsors Krish TechnoLabs, Adobe, PayPal, Vertex, Dotdigital and all others for making it possible!


An enjoyable and full of energy pre-party evening at Valbella The Park Rooftop, a stunning venue setup at Pier 60, Chelsea Piers, and the after-party at Slate. The marvelous food served made the event even more remarkable.



 Marsha Naidoo (Chief Business Officer at Krish TechnoLabs) started in style with her heartfelt welcome to everyone and by giving an introduction of this Meet Magento NYC.


Ritesh Somani (Principal Product Manager at Adobe) brought his extensive experience and passion for the Magento ecosystem to the stage as the opening keynote at Meet Magento New York 2022. He talked about Magento open-source updates and more at this event.


Magento Association

 Started with a warm greeting by Slava Kravchuk (Vice Chair of Magento Association), preceding with the opening keynote at Meet Magento 2022 New York City. The starting session was about introduction of the Magento Association and details regarding the latest updates in the Magento Open Source.


The whole conference was based on the future of eCommerce and transformation with a variety of different topics. And among all the talks and all the discussion, the most attention-capturing and the most awaited topic of this event was based on hyvä themes talk - how to make things easier for developers with the hyvä toolbox.


 An amazing and informative talk on “Building Developer Happiness: the Hyvä toolbox” by Willem Wigman - Technical Director and Founder at Hyvä Themes. And a big shout out to USA partner Bemier for contributing to hyvä widgets.


Before further diving into technical details, let’s first see what exactly is “hyvä”? What is the meaning of this word? What is the origin of hyvä?


The correct pronunciation of the word hyvä is not actually “haye-va” - in fact most people don’t know how to pronounce it correctly.


Hyvä is a Finnish word, pronounced as “hoowa.”

Pronunciation: ˈhyʋæ


The origin of this word [1] is from Proto-Finnic *hüvä‎. Cognates include Estonian hea, Veps hüvä, and Sami savvit meaning "to heal." The word is actually an adjective relating to all the meanings: inspiring positive reactions; morally good; good by one's skills; desirable & advisable.


Hyvä talk at Meet Magento NYC


Hyvä themes is a brand-new frontend for Magento 2 with the best DevExperience, Performance and Time to Market. With hyvä, you build your Magento 2 shop quicker and with a lower budget. And the result is a modern and ultra-fast browser experience for your visitors.


The session was based on hyvä that is dedicated to bringing the fun back into development by focusing on the developer experience and the motivations behind each of the tools and processes that hyvä have to offer.



An interesting talk on hyvä widgets and their ease to use based on its flexibility, custom building blocks and widgets being so easy to extend for developers and the excellent suggested platform to build your own widgets.


For the succession - this was the 8th live and 7th in-person event for the whole Adobe community to be there at one point. At the event people got enthusiastic, wanted to socialize, warmly welcome others and focused on networking rather than just blandly pitching their business plans. Overall, the event was an absolute success with amazing talks and highlights.


CEO RLTSquare, Idrees Butt also attended the event  with an overall exciting experience meeting everyone there and making new friends. Everything was just fantastic - the venue, the menu, meeting with new friends, gaining new experiences, having a blast at the pre-party, excitement of Meet Magento and then the after-party.



Even though the event was extended over 3 days and people got sleepless by consecutively attending the gathering - the pre-party, the main event  and then the after party - people were still eager to spend more time networking with others and make new friends.


Again, a huge shout-out to all the sponsors for arranging this successful event. This whole blog was a sum up of event highlights in case you missed going there 😉.


Looking forward to future events. Share your thoughts about the event! #AdobeCommunity


 #MM22NYC Moments



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