Product Review Images For Magento 2 – Magento Extension

Product Review Images For Magento 2 – Magento Extension


The Product Review Images for Magento 2 extension has been developed by the product team at RLTSquare. This extension will allow your customers to upload images within default product reviews for the products they buy and can also show the unique ways they are using your products in real life. So, why not let your customers take an active part in your online eCommerce business and eventually get benefit from it?

Here are some of the salient features for the extension:

  1. Allow your customers to upload images in Magento 2 default product reviews
  2. Admin approval required to ensure relevant and appropriate images only to be viewed at frontend
  3. Allows uploading of up to 10 product images
  4. Allows potential customers to view the review images uploaded by other customers
  5. Original image size results in good user experience


Merchants running small stores do not have the capacity to invest in product marketing and hence can take benefit from this extension to allow their customers to do it for them. As long as you’re selling quality, leave it to the customer to give good feedback on your products with dazzling images. The maximum limit of images allow customers to cover every angle possible of the purchased product, so other potential buyers get a complete 360-degree idea about the product. So, why not outsource your product marketing with this simple, yet powerful extension?

Moreover, in case there is a dissatisfied customer, it will give you business insights into the cause of dissatisfaction. For example: suppose you shipped a perfect product to a far-off location but it was broken upon receiving by the customer. Over time, if the defect rate increases it means that it is probably time to find a new logistic partner.

With the “Product Reviews Images” extension for Magento 2, you allow customers to bring uniqueness and give life to your online store. In addition, it can also show how your customers are using products which will facilitate other potential buyers surfing your website. A picture speaks a thousand words, so you can imagine what ‘Product Review Images’ can do!


For installation process of the extension, go through the README section at the following link:


From the RLTSquare team, we assure to provide you all the support you require with fast responses for this extension. Moreover, we will also customize this extension for you to suit your specific needs. For support, contact us at <>

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