SEEPakistan 2022

SEEPakistan 2022

CEO RLTSquare, Hafiz Muhammad Idrees Butt, shared the stage with Syed Ahmed, Salman Akram, Usman Asif, Zia Imran, SM Khurram, and Ashar Aziz at SEEPakistan Lahore Expo 2022.


SEEPakistan is where great minds meet and engage to do extraordinary things for Pakistan. This mega event was open for all young entrepreneurs where they learned about fascinating aspects of the future of the business and IT industry!


A panel discussion took place that was hosted by CEO & Founder DPL and Ex-Chairman P@sha Syed Ahmed. DPL is an award-winning IT services company well known for its trend-setting in startup culture and people-centered business processes.

For this event, everyone expressed their views regarding the IT sector – highlighting the topic “The Future of IT Industry in Pakistan”


Doing business surely is not an easy thing to handle, so in this event, some major problems in the industry were mentioned as the base of discussion. Those are:

  • Quantity and quality of talent in Pakistan
  • Lack of professional ethics
  • Industrial-academia gap

As solutions to these problems, it was discussed that the Pakistan IT industry must have to raise the number of quality-focused developers. Just increasing the number of developers won’t do any good but if the whole industry focuses on improving the number of high-quality developers – that sure is going to make a huge impact on the image of Pakistan’s IT industry.


Now the point is how can we improve both quantity and quality, as well? 

For this, it was discussed to target the students. It is a fatal flaw of our system that students do not get proper guidance to decide what field they want to pursue. By targeting students with fresh and creative minds who are eager to learn new innovative things, when motivated and with guidance can resolve any problem in the industry.


Discussion by the leaders of Pakistans’ IT industry


After that, Roulstech Vice President, Salman Akram highlighted the aspect that “unethical/unprofessional practices even if small should not be tolerated as that leads to bigger issues. Also the management has to be a role model for junior employees in terms of ethics. We cant expect juniors to be ethical while management continues to do unethical acts”.


To develop an ethical culture in the workplace, it is necessary to have a flat organizational structure with thin management layers to have transparency between the top management and frontline developers/employees so that everything is noticed and communication is easy.


CEO Devsinc, Usman Asif, stated the potential and growth of Pakistan’s IT industry. The worldwide demand for software developers is increasing, as per statistics, software developer employment is projected to grow by 21% by 2028. Devsinc is among the fastest growing IT companies with 1000+ employees leading the market.


Vice President CERP, Zia Imran, highlighted the aspect of promoting the local manufacturing sector rather than always relying on imports. Manufacturing in our own country will help and utilizing it would boost our industry and economy. We should be proud to manufacture and innovate technologies and be proud of the “Made in Pakistan” tag.


CEO RLTSquare, Idrees Butt, shared his views regarding this issue that IT is a booming industry with continuous growth… so it is important for schools to have Computer Science courses of primary level to build interest in young students. Practical knowledge of Computer Sciences at school-age and that keeps on growing would be of great benefit for the whole industry and inspiration for others.


He further added that he is already teaching his 11 years old daughter with 4 other school-level students about computer programming and they all are interestingly catching up to keep on learning about it.


Having up-to-date course material and practical guidance for students to engage in real-time tasks and experience industrial-academia links would just make a lot of difference.


A comment shared by CEO RLTSquare, Idrees Butt, “We can not grow if we only think to maximize our business on personal interest, but growth in real terms will be if we all start thinking about betterment at industrial level and promote the whole industry. We should vouch for our struggles and success stories with the intent that others will learn from it so they don’t make the same mistakes. As a joint marketing effort to promote the IT industry of Pakistan, we should spread positive views about each other and take steps for the well-being of our developers”


‘Idea Croron Ka’

For the event, Nabeel Qadeer got the spotlight for his setup ‘Idea Croron Ka’. A shark tank setup with the vision to rebrand Pakistan and a mission to redefine heroes. Idea Croron Ka is Pakistan’s premier business reality show bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and investors. Idea Croron Ka has used Television as a tool to disseminate meaningful content to the masses with the aim of converting individuals into economic contributors. For the event, participants were registered to showcase their business ideas and those ideas were judged by business specialists, entrepreneurs, and investors.


With all that – it ended up with a great panel discussion regarding Pakistan’s IT industry and an amazing showcase of business ideas by many participants.

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