Webinar On Opening Of Local Office In Denmark By Pakistani Tech Companies

Webinar On Opening Of Local Office In Denmark By Pakistani Tech Companies

The participation of various Pakistani Tech Companies in the Digital Tech Summit provided an opportunity to gain an understanding of the Denmark Tech market and demonstrate their skills. Several Pakistani companies expressed an interest in understanding how they could establish a presence in Denmark.

The Pakistani Embassy in Denmark organized a webinar with the participation of relevant stakeholders from Denmark to explain the process of company registration in Denmark, opening bank accounts, incentives available for foreign companies to invest in Denmark, and services available for facilitating the process. From the Pakistan side, the participants would include the Pakistan Software Export Board, the Pakistan Software House Association, and interested companies.

The webinar started with welcome and opening remarks by the Ambassador of Pakistan, continuing with Mr. Andreas, Team Lead, a detailed note on investment opportunities for foreign companies in Denmark. Procedure for registering a company in Denmark, opening a business bank account, and legal tax issues were discussed.

The Tech Focus discussion detailed Denmark being the main hub for Quantum Technologies, Robotics, Sound Technologies, and Wireless & Mobile Technologies including communication technology, and Software Development. Denmark has been playing a leading role in digitization and tech development that includes:
Use of Digital Public Systems
Digitization of Businesses
Population View on Artificial Intelligence
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Technology Readiness

And the important consideration to investing in Denmark is that there is a strong ecosystem on financial bases, access to talent and resources is available, renowned infrastructure, and a world-class business environment based on professionalism and ethics.

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