Who Bought This Also Bought

Who Bought This Also Bought


Who Bought This Also Bought extension for Magento 2 has been developed by the product team at RLTSquare. Based on the order status recorded after previous purchasing processes, suggested products will be displayed on the Home Page, Product Page and Category Page with multiple configuration options.

Category Hierarchy is the flexible option given at the back-end extension configuration to show those products which fall under the N number of parent categories of the current product. N is the number of level of the parent categories.

Let’s imagine that you own an online store selling high-tech gadgets and a visitor is coming across. Quickly, he finds a laptop amazing and proceeds to the checkout with that laptop only, quits your site and doesn’t notice the other stuff. Later on, he looks for a backpack for the laptop and visits another website.

Right there, he buys the backpack along with an adapter, earphones and some other accessories. Then, he finds this online store so convenient and user-friendly; he adds this site to his favorites and keeps shopping there in future.

Hence, not only does this extension help boost your shop’s sales, but also satisfies your customers.


  • Suggest products based on the previous placed orders
  • Number of products in the slider can be increased or decreased in the back-end extension configuration.
  • AJAX Lazy Load on slider where all the products are displayed
  • Visible on Home Page, Product Page and Category Page
  • Levels of Category Hierarchy to display suggested products
  • Exclude or include out of stock products


RLTSquare team assures to provide you all the support you require with fast responses for this extension. Moreover, we will also customize this extension for you to suit your specific needs. For support, contact us at <support@rltsquare.com>

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