80% Magento Performance Optimization for EGO Shoes

EGO Shoes is a modern, trend-led footwear brand. Magento offers perfect solutions for their business needs & special requirements. Unfortunately, their online store had severe problems due to disappointing performance and poor coding. RLTSquare helped EGO Shoes to increase the Magento store performance by 80%. The project goals with EGO Shoes were clear: increase the store’s performance significantly, deliver an optimized customer experience, and, ultimately, boost conversion rate & sales.

The initial store audit showed two major problems. First, a dissatisfying performance with a Page Speed Insights score of only 10% to 12% and, second, the badly-written code. Moreover, 95% of customers used mobile applications to visit the store leading to a great loss in traffic due to the slow website loading times. While starting to optimize the store according to Google’s standards like LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FCP (First Contentful Paint), and TTI (Time to Interactive), the motto “Make Magento Small and Efficient” was applied.

Moreover, unused code, obsolete JavaScript, and unnecessary CSS had to be removed. Every normal Magento store contains over 200 scripts mandatory to load. EGO Shoes’ store had around 50 to 60 unused scripts that were removed with the Coverage tool of Chrome DevTools. The success in this difficult step was crucial for the overall execution of the project. As a next step, the script had to be lazy- loaded to ensure reliability. Additionally, jQuery and its libraries had to be updated since they were only 10% to 20% efficiently coded. The beneficial outcome was the trimming of DOM size per page leading to a direct reduction in the network request by almost 30%. In addition to the quick fixes of the store, some customized modules like AmazonPayV2, Signifyd, and Ajax Mini Cart were implemented. One of the most important was Magento Swatches, enabling EGO Shoes’ to provide localized sizes according to the customer’s country.

To finalize the project, images on the website had to be optimized. For that, the latest formats like WebP, compressed and progressive images combined with lazy loading were used to further decrease the page load time. Overall, the website experienced a performance jump of around 80% due to the optimization process.


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