Interwood: Store Revamp And PWA Implementation

Interwood is the leading furniture business in Pakistan. The brand stands for extraordinarily high quality while ensuring best prices. Interwood aimed to restructure its e-commerce store according to sector standards. Together with RLTSquare, Interwood revamped its online store and optimized its mobile shopping experience with a Progressive Web Application (PWA). The result is a significant performance boost and a rise in sales. One of the client requirements was to optimize the storefront according to predefined data category sets. In the Interwood store, three types of products are available: simple, group, and bundle.

First, a store prototype with a customized design template was created and filled with dummy data. Like this, pages were divided into multiple reusable components with a defined scope. In parallel, default components were customized when necessary.

As PWA uses GraphQL to decrease payload instead of REST APIs, GraphQL resolvers were updated to fetch the required data from the server. Furthermore, the frontend GraphQL queries and mutations for the server had to be modified accordingly. New resolvers and queries for better server communication were built according to the requirements.

Moreover, applying CDN Media required URL resolver CDN couldn't be applied because PWA uses fixed design sets. The front and back end have to be on different domains to work smoothly. Standard tools like Google Analytics, Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, and work with PWA. Hence, their scoring for PWA is not reliable but was used for constant performance improvements. Since PWA is a single page (SPA) and client-side application working with the cache, SEO has some limitations that make it necessary to rely on third-party software like The new store and its PWA are smooth, frictionless, and elastic due to its independence from backend technology. Overall, the new store has an improved structure and fully-customizable applications for mobile and desktop.

Language and Technologies
● JavaScript
● React
● Redux
● GraphQL
● Webpack
● CSS modules
● JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)